Prayer Meetings

Prayer is a vitally important part of the life of our Fellowship. We ask and encourage everyone committed to ARK to attend our prayer meetings. 

There are two “informal” meetings (one before the morning service and the other sometimes during the Sunday Service), plus a formal one every quarter. 

Sunday morning informal prayer meeting, every Sunday 

  • Before Service: 10:00 – 10:15am
  • During Service: (before) 11:30am – Usually after praise and worship

Quarterly Fellowship prayer meeting, 7:45pm.

All who are committed to ARK are asked to give priority to the fellowship’s quarterly prayer meeting, which replaces the house group meetings that normally take place on Tuesdays.

It provides an opportunity to praise, worship and give thanks to God for what HE has done in our lives both individually and as a body; and to bring our needs and aspirations before HIM. Topics for prayer cover 

  • Individuals / Believers
  • Groups within the church
  • Our locality
  • Our nation
  • Government
  • Persecuted churches
  • Global missions
  • Israel and the Middle East
  • Major world-wide issues.
Contact / Location


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    Address: Swallowfield Parish Hall
    Swallowfield Street,Swallowfield,
    RG7 1QX
    Phone: 0118 321 5153

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